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Experties and Services

The director of Beam Marketing Limited has gained the following expertise, from his education and experiences:

  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Brand Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Integrated Marketing Communications

The Company will provide the following services based on its expertise:

  • Developing and implementing agreed solutions.
  • Manage, recruit and train of relevant marketing and sales personnel
  • Liaising with customer organisation to ascertain what needs to be sold.
  • Discussing, agreeing and implementing any required changes along the way.
  • Preparing and presenting proposals for marketing, incorporating costs, benefits etc.
  • Provide research results to customer key personnel and understand what they aim to achieve from the project.
  • Consider and explore previous sales figures and sales methods to understand what has and hasn’t worked previously.
  • Researching customer reaction to product or service to be sold by customer through surveys, promotions and events etc.
  • Report on concerns regarding marketing and promotion strategies and provide relevant solutions based on research and experience.
  • Observe marketing and advertising campaigns, promotional activities and sales methods and provide relevant advice and guidance to increase productivity.

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