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About Us

Beam Marketing Limited has been set up to provide marketing consulting services to the SME sector in England and Wales. The Company started its operations from 38 Laurel Lane West Drayton England UB7 7TX on the 3rd of July 2014 and has been directed by Mr Wasim Arif since then.
The director registered the business with Companies House UK, as a private limited company and the business was allocated registration number 09114033. Beam Marketing Limited will provide an extensive range of marketing consultancy services to organisations at different stages of their business journey.
Mr Wasim Arif is a professional who set up the business to educate other businesses as to the power of effective marketing, and to empower them with the same. The Company will look at many aspects of marketing, and the main focus of the business will be Understanding Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Brand Management and Strategic Global Planning and Marketing.

Our Mission

Beam Marketing Limited has a mission to inform and empower businesses with the effects of efficient marketing. The business will provide extensive marketing consultancy services and wants to be the one point of contact for all the marketing needs for the general SME business in the UK.


Beam Marketing Limitedhas different objectives for each aspect of the business.
As a service provider, the company aims for:

  • Professionalism,
  • Provision of Quality
  • Being Competitive
  • Being Outstanding overall

As an employer, Beam Marketing Limited wants to:

  • Have a good work practice
  • Train and develop underachievers
  • Provide a good working environment
  • Be revered and respected by its employees
  • Promote hard work and perseverance within employees
  • Retain and develop employees rather than let go and recruit further.
  • Be known for its work ethics, responsibility and respect for employees
  • Secure the financial future of those attached to it such as employees, shareholders and investors.

As a business, Beam Marketing Limited wants to:

  • Retain customers
  • Grow and evolve with the times
  • Gain a good brand name at the earliest
  • Maintain stability and sustainability
  • Be cost-effective and make good financial decisions
  • Invest well into short and long term sustainable investments

As a private limited company, Beam Marketing Limited also has a responsibility to its shareholder to:

  • Grow and sustain growth and change
  • Gain good profits and provide good dividends
  • Manage the business well so as to ensure longevity of life and financial efficiency

The main goals of the business at the moment are:

  • To pay back the director’s loan within 10 years
  • To be financially independent and run on its own cash flow within 3 years at the latest

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